Laurence & Phillips IP Law

why we win


No case has perfect facts for either party.  We explore the details and understand the truth regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the possible positions for each party.


We strive to take positions that are the most reasonable in the case.  Those are arguments that “move the needle” and make it easy for judges to side with us. 


When you hire us, we personally work on your case.  We do not hand it off to an inexperienced associate.  You benefit by the concentration of our experienced team, a small group that has handled more than 1% of all the review proceedings at the PTAB.


We outwork our opponents.  And we work well in advance of all deadlines, strictly adhering to internal timelines so that in-house counsel and litigation counsel have time to assess draft documents.


We diligently study case law regarding PTAB proceedings.  We teach others about the legal developments in our domain.  Our deep understanding allows us to consider all options for our clients.


We strive to understand the big picture of the overall dispute.  We are not afraid to propose creative strategies to achieve a client’s objectives.