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L&P Attorneys Teach “Post-Grant Patent Practice” Advanced Course for PRG

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Kevin Laurence and Matt Phillips will teach the “Post-Grant Patent Practice” Advanced Course for the Patent Resources Group.  This two-and-half-day course (15.0 hours of CLE credit) focuses on inter partes review (IPR) for two days but also comprehensively covers post-grant review (PGR) and covered business method (CBM) patent review.  Other topics that are briefly covered include ex parte reexamination, reissue, supplemental examination, and ethical issues (1.5 hours) that relate to post-issuance proceedings.  The course emphasizes the interplay of these proceedings and court litigation. Even experienced PTAB practitioners will learn nuances and perspectives that will improve their ability to litigate validity issues before the PTAB.

The course covers both high-level strategies and tactics, to enable attendees to advise clients who need a big-picture understanding, and the nut-and-bolts details of best practices at each stage of these proceedings, to enable attendees to competently handle these cases. The course includes case studies and plenty of personal accounts from the instructors’ collective experience in well over 100 post-issuance proceedings.

Kevin Laurence and Matt Phillips have taught an advanced course on post-grant topics for PRG since 2009.

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