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Derek Meeker

Representative Matters


Mr. Meeker has served as counsel in several inter partes reviews (IPRs), covered business method patent reviews (CBMs), ex parte reexaminations and contested reexaminations.  Representative matters include:

  • [Various Parties] v. Elecs. & Telecommc’ns Research Inst. (IPR2013-00635, IPR2014-00152, IPR2014-00901, IPR2014-00949, and IPR2015-00549) – Represented the owner of U.S. Patent No. 6,978,346, directed at a redundant interconnection for a RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) in a series of six IPR petitions filed by Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Net-App, VMware, IBM, and Oracle against the patent, raising or attempting to raise a total of 15 different patentability challenges.  Served as part of a team that convinced the PTAB not to institute trial for three of those petitions, won the trials in the other three cases, and obtained an affirmance in the Federal Circuit for one of the three successful trials.

  • Motorola Mobility LLC v. Intellectual Ventures I LLC (CBM2014-00083 and CBM002014-00084) – Part of team representing owner of fundamental Internet technology patents.  

  • Motorola Mobility LLC v. Intellectual Ventures I LLC (Control Nos. 95/002,095; 95/002,095; 90/013,205, and 90/013,206) – Part of a team representing owner of fundamental Internet technology patents in a pair of inter partes reexaminations and ex parte reexaminations.  

  • Kingston Tech. Company, Inc. v. CATR Co., Ltd. (IPR2015-00149 and IPR2015-00559) – Backup counsel in two IPRs for a patent directed to flash memory devices with a rotary cover.  Three of the four independent claims in the patent survived the trials.  


For almost 11 years, Mr. Meeker has managed prosecution for large international companies, small start-ups, and individual inventors:

  • Prepared and prosecuted patent cases from inception to issuance. These cases included technologies such as semiconductor devices including semiconductor memory devices, memory controllers, storage controllers, semiconductor processing, lower level network protocol layer processing, computer peripherals, telecommunication and networking systems, remote data storage systems, high-speed test and measurement instrument hardware and user interfaces, display devices, printing and imaging devices, lighting control systems, RF power amplifiers, turbocharger systems, engine control systems, and vehicle charging systems.

  • Several successful appeals in patent applications before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

  • Managed prosecution of existing patent portfolios with one to two hundred cases.

  • Drafted non-infringement, invalidity, and freedom-to-operate opinions.

  • Supervised international prosecution and recommended cost effective international portfolio strategies.

  • Prosecuted trademark applications and appeals.


  • Backup counsel for appellee in VMware, Inc. v. Elecs. & Telecommc’ns Research Inst., Nos. 2016-1670, -1673.

  • Backup counsel for appellee in Dell Inc. v. Elecs. & Telecommc’ns Research Inst., No. 2015-1719.  Co-author of briefs.