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Patent Preparation and Prosecution

The patent attorneys at L&P have been preparing and prosecuting patent applications for over two decades.  We have an established track record of obtaining valuable patents that further our clients’ business objectives.  We seek broad protection where possible and implement best practices to preserve claim scope.  We are particularly adept at tailoring claims to cover products that have developed around a patent’s earlier disclosure.  We are also leading-edge attorneys focused on innovative ways to obtain patents that will withstand the intense scrutiny of post-issuance proceedings, and we leverage our unique experience and insights from the proceedings during the “front end” patent preparation and prosecution process. 

We prepare and prosecute patent applications with the highest quality of service, and it shows as our lawyers have received the highest ratings from large clients who rate and rank their outside lawyers, including some of the largest and best known firms in the IP realm.  Additionally, numerous publications that assess patent attorneys based on client interviews and peer reviews consistently provide L&P attorneys with top rankings and praise for our skills and reputations.

Kevin Laurence focuses his prosecution practice on inventions across a broad technological spectrum including chemical fields, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, mechanical and electromechanical systems and devices, semiconductor fabrication, and software.  He has managed large teams of patent attorneys building sophisticated and valuable patent portfolios.  With his office next door to the USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia, Kevin takes full advantage of the opportunities to interview patent examiners in person, and he is a highly skilled negotiator with patent examiners.

Matt Phillips is a former patent examiner who understands the inner workings of the USPTO.  With advanced degrees and industry experience in electrical engineering, he focuses his patent prosecution practice on electrical and computer technologies.  For the last seven years, he has taught a patent prosecution course at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, teaching the next generation of patent attorneys the art of patent preparation and prosecution.